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Our Class Rules

1.) Be polite, courteous and respectful at ALL times

2.) Complete all assignments neatly and on time

3.) Leave your seat only when given permission

4.) No speaking while Mr. Regan is speaking

5.) Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working

6.) Always try your best

Homework Rubric: 10% of Grade

  • Homework is mandatory!  If a student misses homework one day, the student is required to complete the missed assignment along with any other assignment given for the following day.  
  • Students are limited to 5 incomplete assignments for the marking period. After three missed assignments parents will be notified by phone or through email.  After the fifth offense, the student will receive a 0 for homework for the marking period (THIS IS 10% OF THE OVERALL GRADE).
         Classwork/Participation Rubric: 20% of Grade
  • Classwork is mandatory!  The student is responsible for finishing all incomplete classwork for homework including incomplete classwork due to absences.   
  •  Students are responsible to work hard and stay on task during class to make the best effort to complete all class work.
  • Students must always be prepared
    • Participation includes having all of your materials when you first enter the class.
    • Materials include the following:
      • Workbooks (Eureka and Progress), notebook, and pencils
    • Students WILL NOT be allowed to return to their lockers or homerooms for any missing materials. (AGAIN THIS IS ALL PART OF CLASS PARTICIPATION)
  • Participation demonstrates an understanding of the material presented in class

Please keep in mind that when a student misses school he/she misses a day of instruction and may fall behind.