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Grading System

Categories with weights that add up to 100% 
Classwork/Participation20.00Classwork/ participation are a student’s oral and written academic performance, which includes group work, notebooks/journals, listening skills, following directions, oral reading, worksheets/ workbooks, participation in conferencing, and teacher observations.
Homework10.00Homework includes the out-of-class tasks that a student is assigned as an extension of classroom work. Four types of homework are commonly assigned: practice assignments, preparation assignments, extension assignments, and integration assignments.
Quizzes25.00Quizzes are short oral or written exams that are administered frequently to assess a student’s knowledge. In Science class, labs should be considered quizzes. In Language Arts, Spelling tests should be considered quizzes unless they assess multiple Spelling units.
Summative Assessments45.00Summative assessments include major projects and tests that evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit.