Concert Information-June 6

May 17, 2019

Dear Parents,

As we end the 3rd week of May, we want to provide you with the information for the Farewell Concert:

All students will be bused to St. Anthony’s and they will also be dismissed from the church.  A permission slip was sent home on Wednesday May 15th detailing the options of the concert.

Options on the permission slip: (Do not fill out)

  • My child will be picked up at St. Anthony of Padua by ______________  

  • My child will go home alone (7th & 8th grade ONLY) after the concert.  

  • My child will go home with another parent from ____ grade _________

  • My child (_____________________________)  will not be attending the Farewell concert and will be picked up at 4:30pm at St. Joseph School promptly at dismissal.        

All permission slips must be returned with the options completed and is due May 21st, 2019.  Permission slips that are not returned May 21st will be considered as NOT attending.  

Current Parents of students who are attending the concert will receive a ticket on Wednesday May 29th. Tickets are per family.  St. Joseph current students do not need tickets. Students commented to the event will receive tickets for their families. Each family (not students) will receive 2 tickets.   They will be given out to the oldest sibling on May 29th.

(Space is limited.  Please do not lose your ticket.  Entrance will not be permitted without it)

Alumni, previous faculty and or staff will be provided a ticket May 31st after our St. Joseph Families are accounted for on May 28th.  

It is imperative the deadlines are followed.  As much as I would love and appreciate a full house with no restrictions, we are guest at St. Anthonys, and I cannot stress the occupancy importance of St. Anthony’s.  We will not receive any late permissions slips or request after May 21st.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and hope you have the opportunity to celebrate with St. Joseph last performance as a school.


Mrs. Lopez