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Dear Parents,
      To learn more about the new report card, please go to the website listed below.

Here is a letter from the Office of the Superintendent of Schools regarding the new ADNY Report Cards.



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November 16, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We serve as partners with you in your child's education and pursuit of academic and Spiritual excellence. To achieve this, we are committed to communicating in a specific, clear, and timely manner about your child's progress. As such, attached to this letter is your child's new standards based report card.

As you will See, this new report card allows us to communicate more clearly about what Standards your child has mastered and the areas in which he/she needs more practice and support. The Standards focus on academic achievement in each subject area. Non-academic skills, such as conduct and effort, are reported separately so as to separate academic content knowledge from Work habits and behavior.

This quarter, you will notice that your child has received the traditional percentage grade in each Subject area and letter grades in special Subjects such as art, music, language and physical education. In addition, you will note a “template” highlighting the grade-level standards for each Subject. This quarter, those Standards are blank to give you an opportunity to read and understand the template and to have conversations with your child and your child's teacher about what they mean. Starting in the Second quarter, however, you will see 1-4 progress codes next to each standard that was taught. Your child has received 1-4 progress codes in the effort and conduct section of this report card.

We are very excited about this new, enhanced tool to communicate your child's academic progress. Please visit our website at, click on the Elementary tab and go to Resources for Parents on the drop-down menu to find additional resources to understand the report card and standards.

Thank you for all that you do to support your children and our Catholic schools.


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Timothy J. McNiff, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Archdiocese of New York